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Willingen viaduct 1

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A picturesque triumph for ARCO SizeZERO®

June 27, 2022

The specialist narrower version of our cable management product ARCOSYSTEM® was the ideal solution for a space-constricted job in a soaring setting.

The project required cable troughing to be installed across a towering viaduct in the ski resort of Willingen-Upland in northern Hesse, Germany. There was not enough room on site to lay down concrete for a traditional ground-based system so an elevated GRP option was explored, and with restricted physical space in which to work along the bridge, the installation required minimal operative activity.

Our lightweight and flexible ARCOSYSTEM® is perfect for jobs in challenging terrain or where trackside access and working space is limited. Manufactured from pultruded fibre-reinforced polymers, the robust troughing is easy to lift and adjust, reducing manual handling and installation time, while the accompanying wide range of steel bracketry enables height and direction changes to be made with ease. The newly developed SizeZERO® trouhing is designed with a shallower cell of 53mm x 56mm (2952mm2) — great for tighter jobs where space is at a premium, with the cell itself ideal for housing smaller modern fibre-optic data cables.

ARCOSYSTEM SizeZERO® troughing can be post-mounted, fastened to the ground, wall-hung or fixed to lineside structures such as balustrades, railings or bridges, as demonstrated here. It can also be installed safely on a slope. Its smart composite design offers long-lasting durability in all weathers and enables the system to resist lateral forces from embankment subsidence, high snow loads, or wind effects from high-speed trains.

For more details about how the sleek and versatile ARCOSYSTEM SizeZERO® can meet your cable troughing requirements, contact our technical experts here at CCS, the product’s exclusive UK distributor. ARCOSYSTEM® is manufactured by our Swiss partners Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH, while the UK rail stockist is Scott Parnell.

Pictures from the successful installation at Willingen-Upland can be found below (images by Tanja Esser Studio):

Willingen viaduct 2Willingen viaduct 3Willingen viaduct 4Willingen viaduct 5Willingen viaduct 6Willingen viaduct 7Willingen viaduct 8Willingen viaduct 9