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About us

Expert composite and plastics engineers, designers and manufacturers

About us

Company overview

Complete Composite Systems is a UK-based company with vast international presence, specialising in glass fibre-reinforced composites and engineered plastic products for demanding infrastructure in Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

CCS has over 50 years’ hands-on experience with composites and engineered plastics. Combined with leading expertise in FEA and CAD software, we provide an unsurpassed level of product knowledge, service and performance.

The CCS Design, Site Services, Logistics and Production teams comprise composite and engineered plastics specialists, designers, structural engineers, fabricators and installers. Together, our workforce provides start-to-finish services from consultation and concept to design, prototyping, trial acceptance, product approval, commercial supply and final installation.

Send your CV to info@completecomposites.co.uk if you’re interested in joining our teams.

complete composite systems

mission statement

Our mission is to apply in-depth, industry-leading expertise when designing, manufacturing and installing our high-end composite and engineered plastic products.

Our quality products and services will be applied by knowledge-led engineers who are eager to provide economical solutions to the most challenging applications in the rail industry and beyond.

at a glance

key features

  • We are proven composite specialists with decades of related experience
  • We are engineering specialists with a dedicated and expert team of designers, fabricators and installers
  • We have established processes for specification, material and process selection, manufacture and fabrication
  • We have extensive knowledge of international infrastructure and standards
  • We are rail infrastructure and rail interior solutions providers
  • We design products with eco-friendly benefits and environmental sustainability at the forefront of our production principles