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ARCO installation in Weeze

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ARCO’s proficiency on full show

June 5, 2023

The flexibility and size ranges of our ARCOSYSTEM® cable troughing were on full display during two recent trackside installations in Germany.

The narrower SizeZero® version of our cable management system was used near the town of Weeze in the Rhine region of north west Germany. This sleek trough size is designed to fit and protect thinner cabling such as modern fibre-optic cables within a secure cell of 53mm x 56mm (2952mm2), and is also useful for jobs where access to the railway lines is challenged by difficult terrain or limited space. 

Manufactured from composite and engineered plastic (GRP/FRP) for strong durability in all weathers, ARCOSYSTEM® safely contains trackside power, signal, high-voltage and digital communication cables. The lightweight troughing can be post mounted or attached to a variety of lineside features such as railings, bridges or cliff faces. This job in Weeze required long stretches of elevated troughing to be post mounted with the aid of our bespoke range of laser-cut steel bracketry, as seen in the below images:

ARCO installation in WeezeTrackside ARCO installation in WeezeARCO bracket close-up of installation in WeezePost-mounted ARCO installation in Weeze

The other job took place in Kassel, a city in central Germany. The wider Size 2 version of ARCOSYSTEM® was used for this installation, which involved carefully routing the system around trackside furniture and using a mixture of elevated and ground-based/buried troughing, as shown in the pictures below:

ARCO installation in KasselARCO trackside installation in KasselARCO buried/elevated installation in KasselARCO trackside installation in Kassel

Further information about ARCOSYSTEM® is available by contacting our technical experts at Complete Composite Systems, the product’s exclusive UK distributor. ARCOSYSTEM® is manufactured by our Swiss partners Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH and the exclusive UK rail stockist is Scott Parnell.