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Letchworth EVCP angled installation

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ARCOSYSTEM® is the solution for EVCP installation

March 6, 2023

Our GRP elevated cable containment system ARCOSYSTEM® proved to be an ideal choice for the challenging installation of electric vehicle charging points at a car park at Letchworth Garden City railway station.

With the infrastructure for electric vehicles becoming more prevalent, many projects around the UK are requiring new charging points to be installed. One such project was awarded to construction company Handikram Ltd, which was tasked with inserting new electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) in one of the car parks at Letchworth Garden City train station, Hertfordshire.

There were ten charging points that needed installing, however the job was not simple: a tree line ran along the main elevation affecting nine of the EVCPs. As a result, a traditional cable duct route was not an option due to the tree roots falling under an exclusion zone, so engineers had to consider NJUG 4 guidelines.

Handikram Ltd is committed to working efficiently and in the best interests of the client and the project, so the company knew it had to find a suitable alternative which could work around the issues presented on site.

Handikram began discussing the project with Scott Parnell, a CCS partner and exclusive UK stockist of ARCOSYSTEM®. 

Ian Allwright, Rail Director of Scott Parnell, said: “ARCOSYSTEM® seemed like the only feasible option. Not only were tree roots worthy of consideration, but also posts and barriers left minimal installation space. Raising the route up off the ground using a system which required minimal foundations offered protection of the tree roots, worked around the other obstructions and provided secure and cost-effective cable housing.”

The project team acknowledged that ARCOSYSTEM® presented the best viable solution, and design work was therefore carried out.

ARCOSYSTEM® is a PADS-approved GRP elevated cable management product and is the only approved system in the UK to span six metres between support posts, saving installation time, cost and manual effort.

Once the construction drawings were finalised, Scott Parnell supplied all materials to the site within a matter of days and works commenced.

Andy Cutherbertson, Managing Director of Handkram Ltd, said: “I looked to Scott Parnell for support on this tricky project as I knew the rail team, especially Ian Allwright, could offer advice and a level of service that is not found elsewhere. Between us we realised the solution was ARCOSYSTEM®, which was installed efficiently with no problems and provided the protection needed to work around the existing tree line. Thanks to Scott Parnell, this project was a huge success.”

Manufactured from pultruded glass fibre reinforced polymers, the strong yet lightweight ARCOSYSTEM® can be post-mounted, wall-hung, or clamped to a variety of trackside features such as railings, bridges, hillsides, HEA beams, noise barriers, or rock walls. The sleek and flexible construction of the troughing means height and directional adjustments can be swiftly made, while its robust structure ensures durability in all climates, with a wide working temperature range of -40˚C to +80˚C. 

There is a choice of trough sizes and bracket designs available to meet the requirements of any installation job in the rail sector or beyond.

ARCOSYSTEM® is stocked at Scott Parnell depots throughout the UK for delivery within days. Contact its rail team on 0208 805 5797 for more details. For any questions about the product, get in touch with our technical experts at Complete Composite Systems, the exclusive UK distributor. Our Swiss partner Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH manufactures ARCOSYSTEM®.

Letchworth EVCP angled installation

Angled installation

Letchworth EVCP route-ground transition

Route-ground transition

Letchworth EVCP navigating obstacles

Navigating obstacles

Letchworth EVCP cable exit from route

Cable exit from route