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ARCO Anchor collaboration 1

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Collaboration with Anchor Systems announced

January 4, 2023

Complete Composite Systems (CCS) can announce a collaboration with Anchor Systems International Ltd that makes the installation of our ARCOSYSTEM® cable troughing even faster.

Our partners, Scott Parnell Ltd, exclusive UK stockist of ARCOSYSTEM®, have confirmed that Anchor’s patented Anchor Screw can now be used in conjunction with the ARCO troughing to establish the ‘Rapid Route’ system, considerably improving the speed and efficiency of ARCO’s installation.

During one five-hour shift, 124 anchor foundations were installed with no requirement for an on-track plant, allowing for the swift fitting of 744 metres of ARCOSYSTEM®.

Installed at six-metre centres, Rapid Route includes a foundation system which replaces the need to excavate and use cast in-situ posts to support the GRP-manufactured ARCOSYSTEM®. Instead, the Anchor Screws, made in the UK from recycled steels, are driven into the ground from the surface following ground clearance checks. The domed connections between the Anchor Screws and ARCOSYSTEM® allow for alignment correction to ensure an accurate first-time installation.

Sharon Meek, Scott Parnell’s Head of Rail, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled Anchor Systems Ltd have chosen ARCOSYSTEM® to work with the Anchor Screw. We now have two of the very best systems working together to offer the sector significant cost savings, work force safety and sustainable cable management installation.”

Hadley Smith, Director of Anchor Systems International Ltd, said: “We are looking forward to developing our partnership with Scott Parnell, the leading specialist supplier to the rail industry, in offering the most rapidly installed cable route system available to the market.”

Ron Brown, Technical Director of CCS, said: “The exclusive nature of the agreement means that Anchor Systems’ Rapid Route System can only be used with the leading elevated cable containment system on the market, ARCOSYSTEM®, both available through Scott Parnell, making it the easiest, fastest and most widely available system to install in the UK.”

For more details about how the ‘Rapid Route’ system can meet the cable troughing requirements of your rail project, contact the technical experts at CCS or the Scott Parnell rail team on 01135 126898 (North) or 0208 805 5797 (South). More information about the Anchor Screw can be found on the Anchor Systems website.

ARCO Anchor collaboration 1ARCO Anchor collaboration 1

Elevated roughing double sided options

Elevated troughing double sided options

Elevated troughing with min 500mm ground clearance

Elevated troughing with min 500mm ground clearance