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Fixing the sleek version of ARCO with ease

February 6, 2023

The SizeZero® version of our elevated cable containment system ARCOSYSTEM® was successfully installed during a recent project.

The newly developed SizeZero®, the narrowest size of ARCOSYSTEM® troughing available, was fitted along a 4km stretch of track running between the northern German city of Lubeck and the town of Ahrensburg. The images of the job below were taken around the area of Gartenholz train station along the route.

The lightweight yet robust ARCOSYSTEM® troughing is renowned for safely containing trackside power, signal and high-voltage cables. The SizeZero® version, made from the same composite and engineered plastic as the other trough sizes, is designed to fit and protect thinner options such as fibre-optic cables within a secure cell of 53mm x 56mm (2952mm2).

The sleek and flexible SizeZero® also comes in handy when access to the railway lines for operatives is complicated by challenging terrain or limited space.

This task once again showcased the adaptability of the elevated ARCOSYSTEM®. Manufactured from pultruded glass fibre reinforced polymers (FRP/GRP), ARCOSYSTEM® can be fastened to the ground, wall-mounted, fixed to posts, or attached to trackside features such as railings, bridges, hillside slopes, HEA beams, noise barriers, or rock walls. 

The solid composite construction of the troughing provides long-term durability in all environments, even in areas affected by snow drifts, with a working temperature range of between -40˚C and +80˚C. 

As well as a choice of trough sizes, there are also many options from our bespoke range of laser-cut steel brackets available in order to suit the requirements of any installation job in the rail sector or the wider engineering field.

For more information, get in touch with our technical experts at Complete Composite Systems, the exclusive UK distributor of ARCOSYSTEM®. Our Swiss partners Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH manufacture the product, while the exclusive UK rail stockist is Scott Parnell.

Pictures from the successful ARCOSYSTEM® installation at Gartenholz can be viewed below:

Lubeck ARCO installation 1Lubeck ARCO installation 2Lubeck ARCO installation 3Lubeck ARCO installation 4Lubeck ARCO installation 5Lubeck ARCO installation 6Lubeck ARCO installation 7