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Hamburg installation bend

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Hamburg installation showcases versatility of ARCOSYSTEM®

August 23, 2021

A recent rail project in Germany highlighted the capability and flexibility of our ARCOSYSTEM® to handle demanding installations.

The challenging job was on a new urban railway line at Wandsbek in the east of Hamburg, carried out by the contractor Duensing on behalf of DB Netz AG, a major subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn that owns and operates a majority of the German railway system. The project engineer was Dieter Lötscher and the site manager was René Kriworuschenko.

It required six Size 2 ARCOSYSTEM® troughs to be attached to 4m-long steel HEA beam posts, sunken into the ground. The brackets were clamped rather than bolted to the beams to allow more adjustment during the installation. The troughs needed to house a range of power, signal, fibre-optic and high-voltage cables.

The route involved going around a tight bend on the track and the lightweight ARCOSYSTEM®, manufactured from pultruded fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) which excel in structural and load-bearing performance, proved up to the task.

Our Swiss partners, Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH, are the only approved supplier for Deutsche Bahn, which is undertaking a national project to upgrade the digitalisation of the German rail network. A similar assignment, titled Project Reach, is taking place in the UK with the aim of installing trackside fibre optic cables to improve performance, safety and passenger telecoms.

More information about ARCOSYSTEM® and its suitability to meet such versatile requirements is available by contacting our technical team at Complete Composite Systems, the UK’s exclusive distributor of the product. ARCOSYSTEM®’s UK stockist is Scott Parnell Rail Division.

Further images illustrating ARCOSYSTEM®’s ability to handle the challenges of the Hamburg project, including accommodating tight radii on track bends and a sketch showing the multi-cable arrangement within the six troughs, can be seen below:

Hamburg ARCO bendHamburg installation bendHamburg installation 3Hamburg ARCO installation 4Hamburg ACRO installation 5Hamburg ARCO installation 6Hamburg ARCO installation 7Hamburg ARCO installation 8Hamburg ARCO installation 10