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Bremen ARCO installation 1

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Installing ARCO on noise barriers

October 17, 2022

Some recent installations showed how our GRP elevated cable troughing ARCOSYSTEM® can be securely attached to trackside noise barriers.

When it comes to installing cabling alongside railway lines, many practical difficulties can arise — particularly when space is restricted and the cabling system needs to be fixed to trackside furniture.

With its lightweight design and bespoke range of laser-cut steel bracketry, ARCOSYSTEM® is the ideal solution for such situations, as proved during a job in the German city of Bremen. Both sides of the railway track were enclosed by tall aluminium noise barriers, but the flexible ARCOSYSTEM® could be clamped in place, with the robust yet versatile brackets adjoined to the front of the existing structure of the barriers.

A similar job took place in Viersen, close to the Netherlands border, where the ARCOSYSTEM® brackets were again attached to line-side noise barriers, allowing for the troughing to run smoothly along the route and safely protect the cables within. The installations for the jobs in both Bremen and Viersen were carried out by rail construction contractors Duensing.

Manufactured from pultruded glass fibre-reinforced polymers (GRP), ARCOSYSTEM® is a highly adaptable elevated cable management system. It can be post-mounted, wall-hung, or attached to a variety of trackside surfaces and features such as railings, bridges, hillsides, HEA beams, or noise barriers. The lightweight nature of the troughing allows height and directional adjustments to be made with ease, while its sturdy composite construction ensures durability in all weathers (working temperature range of -40˚C to +80˚C) and cable loads of up to 90kg/m can be accommodated. There is a range of trough sizes and bracket designs to choose from in order to suit any project in the rail sector or beyond.

Complete Composite Systems is the exclusive UK distributor of ARCOSYSTEM®. For more information or any advice on your cable management requirements, get in touch with our technical experts who will be happy to help. ARCOSYSTEM® is manufactured by our Swiss partners Castioni Kabelführungssysteme GmbH, while Scott Parnell is the product’s exclusive UK rail stockist.

Images of the successful ARCOSYSTEM® installations at Bremen and Viersen can be seen below:

Bremen ARCO installation 1Bremen ARCO installation 2Bremen ARCO installation 3Bremen ARCO installation 4Bremen ARCO installation 5Bremen ARCO installation 6Bremen ARCO installation 7Bremen ARCO installation 8Bremen ARCO installation 9Bremen ARCO installation 10Viersen ARCO installation 1Viersen ARCO installation 2