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In association with our partners BGL Ingenieurbau GmbH in Germany, Complete Composite Systems (CCS) produces composite bridges made from sustainable glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP).

As pioneers in the field of GRP bridge construction, our expertise and range of services extends from design and planning to manufacture in our own production facility, followed by professional installation on site by our specialist assembly team of experienced installers.

From the railings and the walkways to the load-bearing substructures, we provide it all. Other services such as renovation of existing foundations and any substructures that may still be used, as well as associated earth and paving work, can also be carried out by us.

Due to their excellent properties, GRP applications have proven themselves thousands of times over in bridge construction. Our bridge over the B106 in Schwerin, built in 2003, remains the oldest GRP bridge in Germany, and is one of over 250 successful bridges we have installed to date.


At a glance

  • Composite bridges are extremely robust and durable, offering strong load-bearing performance
  • GRP construction means no maintenance or repair is required
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • UV and weather resistant 
  • Flame-retardant and self-extinguishing
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Lightweight — easy to handle on site for quick and cost-effective assembly, thereby reducing programme time and disruption to the public
  • Available in any colour
  • We supply composite bridges for pedestrians as well as bridges suitable for vehicles weighing up to 12 tonnes.



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    Composite bridges flyer June 2023

    Materials and


    Our composite bridges are dimensionally stable due to the pultrusion manufacturing process. In addition to the GRP supporting structure, special heavy-duty GRP decks are also used for further reinforcement.

    If assembly with a mobile crane is not possible, depending on the overall dimensions of the bridge, the lightweight GRP allows the possibility of carrying out the final assembly by hand. This can be very practical in poorly accessible and remote areas, such as forests or nature reserves.

    In instances when old concrete abutments can no longer bear the load of a concrete, stone or steel bridge, our lightweight GRP bridges can allow — where appropriate — the old existing concrete abutments to still be used, saving costs.

    In addition to constructing new bridges, we also offer the renovation of usable constructions and substructures made of wood and steel. Various GRP railing variants and GRP bridge decks have proven their worth here. We have more than 8 different bridge deck variants available, from normal pedestrian bridges to bridges suitable for vehicular use.

    For railway applications, we can supply: the renovation of existing railway bridges; tunnel linings, using GRP as a substitute for concrete, steel and wood with great success; GRP gratings, open or closed; a wide range of GRP railing systems and self-closing doors in hazardous areas; GRP exit routes and staircases; GRP entry and transfer platforms with matching surfaces and railings.

    As the UK partner and distributor of these composite bridges, Complete Composite Systems Ltd can be contacted for further information, such as technical data and installation advice.