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TERRAsystem® is part of the Castioni Kabelführungssysteme stable of cable management products, exclusively distributed in the UK by CCS.

TERRAsystem® is a tough, robust, UV stabilised ground-mounted cable management system. It’s also lightweight and impact resistant, making it an easy system to handle and install on-site.

TERRAsystem®’s interlocking troughs and lockable lids make it a safe, secure system, with excellent fire and toxicity performance.

Ideal for use in a wide range of temperatures, TERRAsystem® is being used everywhere from the frozen wastelands of Greenland to the desert sands of Saudi Arabia.


At a glance

  • Incredibly versatile
  • Excellent fire and toxicity resistance
  • Suitable for use over a wide temperature range
  • Primed for on-site customisation post-installation
  • Bears point loads up to 2kN and surface loads up to 10kN on any square of 100cm²
  • Over 80% lighter than an equivalent concrete trough and lid
  • UV stabilized
  • Class 1 self-extinguishing to DIN 53438



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    TERRAsystem Brochure July 2020

    Materials and


    The TERRAsystem® is injection-moulded from virgin-quality polypropylene, a complex process that guarantees consistently quality results for high-volume productions.

    The interlockable troughs are supplied in one-metre lengths and offer unsurpassed versatility with perforated punch-outs, auxiliary cutting lines and lockable lids. These allow for on-site customisation across vast distances post-installation.

    The troughs can also be equipped with optional internal separators to carry different voltages, as well as support bracketry to install cable runs above or below uneven ground.

    The strength of the TERRAsystem® cannot be understated, with the ability to withstand surface loads up to 10KN on any square of 100cm².