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TouchSAFE® Composite Palisade Fencing



TouchSAFE® FRP Composite Palisade Fencing offers a strong, non-conductive barrier for the secure containment of electrical equipment.

The panels are manufactured from pultruded profiles and cross angles that are interlocked to form a robust, long-lasting structure. There is no need for maintenance and less chance of damage from potential vandalism incidents, with pales passing through the rails to reduce the risk of prising apart. 

As composites are natural electrical insulants, the fencing provides a non-conductive boundary for the safe housing of electrical equipment on rail applications such as substations, LOC suites, and OLE masts.

Delivered in full panels to reduce installation time, all fixings are comprised of engineered plastic so earthing is not required. The fencing is also lightweight and corrosion resistant against most oils, acids and alkaline chemicals. TouchSAFE® is produced with UV inhibitors within the resin and finished with a UV-resistant synthetic polyester veil that encapsulates the profiles to add further protection against the elements.


At a glance

  • Strong panels produced using pultruded profiles conforming to EN13706 grade E23
  • Lightweight — 75% lighter than steel
  • Maintenance free
  • No metallic fixings
  • EMI & RFI transparent
  • Electrically insulating
  • Supplied fully assembled, enabling large expanses of fencing to be installed quickly and easily
  • Made with a resin that is corrosion resistant, fire retardant, and protects against UV rays 
  • Outer surface of the profiles is coated with a polyester surface veil for long-lasting strength in all weather conditions
  • Available in light grey or leaf green



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    TouchSAFE fencing data sheet

    Materials and


    TouchSAFE® Composite Palisade Fencing is manufactured from FRP (fibreglass-reinforced polymers) and secured with high-strength polypropylene dowel fixings. The panels are free of any metallic fixings, meaning there is no need for maintenance and less chance of hazardous incidents. As composites are natural electrical insulants, TouchSAFE provides a non-conductive border to protect electrical equipment. 

    TouchSAFE® Palisade Fencing complies dimensionally to BS 1722 part 12: 2016, but as yet the standard makes no provision for materials of construction other than steel.

    The panels are engineered from isophthalic polyester pultruded profiles. In highly corrosive environments, UV-inhibited vinyl ester can be selected as the most appropriate resin system, modified with fire retardants, where needed. As with all TouchSAFE® profiles, the reinforcement pack is encapsulated within a polyester surface veil for excellent durability in all weathers.