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Engineering & Installation

Bespoke site services and installations for composite products

For years, the easiest way to get applications to accept composites was to mimic the steel shapes they were to replace. But today, the inherent advantages of composites as materials in their own right are well understood, demanding knowledge-led installations from the experts in our CCS Site Services and CCS Production and Logistics teams.

Site services and

Production & Logistics

Complete Composite Systems provides all necessary services to ensure efficient, timely and cost-effective product installations. As further support for our customers, our in-house Site Services Team offers full site surveys on a contract-by-contract basis.

The team begins by visiting a site during the quotation stage to conduct a full survey and assessment of what is required to satisfy the contract’s needs.

Site Services then closely liaise with the Production and Logistics team during the manufacturing stage to ensure goods meet the right standards and arrive on-site on schedule.




See a selection of our engineering and installation projects, including various composite bridge structures successfully completed.

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