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Rail infrastructure cable management project

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Welcome to the new CCS website

May 6, 2020

Our brand-new Complete Composite Systems website is designed with our customers in mind, showing how our range of high-end composite and engineered plastic systems perform in some of the most challenging infrastructure projects across the world.


Our successful ARCO and TERRA cable management systems are simple to set up and integrate into rail applications, despite the complexities of the manufacturing process.

That’s why our Processes pages seamlessly break down what makes our one-of-a-kind solutions tick, from the strength pultrusion to the consistency of injection moulding.

More detailed information can be found in the members’ area of our website, where users can access drawings and documents to see how we can tailor products to you.


Our bespoke designs are made possible due to the incredibly versatile and reliable properties of composites, materials perfected over decades of scientific advances.

Our Materials section explores these unsurpassed strengths and the many effects that can be achieved by combining different resins and reinforcement materials, be it corrosion resistance with water resistance or strength with flexibility.


None of our solutions would be possible without CCS Design, Production, Logistics or Site Services Teams. Our Services page shows how these teams work closely with customers to ensure everything from concept to installation of our unique products exceeds expectations.

Whether it’s designing, manufacturing, surveying or installing, all CCS staff are proud to uphold the company’s mission statement, which can be viewed under the About page.

We hope you enjoy exploring the CCS website. Please get in touch with your feedback or to see how we can transform your engineering application regardless of its challenges.