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Technology carbon reduction award

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Chip fat is the firm foundation for industry

April 30, 2020

Complete Composite Systems’ eco-friendly product, which uses chip shop fat to secure fence posts, gates, elevated troughing, signs and marker boards, has won a major civil engineering award.

Techno-Crete won the Best Use of Technology Carbon Reduction Award at the New Civil Engineering Tech Festival, held recently in London. The event celebrates the very best technology-led innovations that are shaping the industry.

The product is a high density Hydrophobic Polyurethane foam alternative to post mix concrete and uses reprocessed oil from the catering industry, blended with sustainably grown rape seed oil, to make a special foamed composite which holds posts securely in place.

“The material offers major benefits to concrete post mix,” explained co-founder and Technical Director Ron Brown, who has more than 50 years in the composites industry.

It replaces three 20kg bags of concrete needed per post plus you don’t need water, which means it weighs far less, is easier to transport and is better from a health and safety perspective. Plus it’s cheaper, quicker to install, just as durable and the product emits less carbon dioxide.

Co-founder and engineer Kevin Flook, Managing Director of Complete Composite Systems with a background in the rail, automotive and composites industries, added: “Techno-Crete really is an innovative product that complements our market-leading elevated troughing product, ARCO-system, used by Network Rail for above ground cables.

“However, the product – which is independently verified by chartered geotechnical and structural consulting engineers – has numerous applications across many sectors including construction, landscaping and highways.”

Techno-Crete can be obtained through stockist Scott Parnell, who hold the rail industry accreditation RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme). For further information, visit www.scottparnell.com/technocrete.